Where do I start?

How do I even begin to write about such a huge life-changing idea and the reasons behind it?

It’s day 2 and my head is as tangled as a bowl of noodle soup.

I was going to wait until after new years eve to start dry January but then I started thinking about what message that was sending to my subconscious. I drank too much between Christmas eve and boxing day, ending up with the worst hangover I’ve had in ages.

Do I want another one of those clammy, nauseous sessions or am I going to start the year as I mean to continue? Why am I clinging on to the idea that a new years eve needs alcohol to be fun or meaningful? Why am I reinforcing the idea of losing something when it would be more helpful to focus on the potential gains?

These questions were in my head when I was trying to sleep on the 27th December and as it turned out, day 1 was actually almost over by the time I realised it was day 1.


3 thoughts on “Where do I start?

  1. Allane Sinclair April 24, 2017 / 11:20 pm

    I’m glad I’ve found this blog. Reading some of your posts, (I’m knackered so can’t read more tonight) I feel like I know you. It’s quite strange, actually.

    I only found you because we’ve both quoted from the poet, Mia Hollow, someone else I’ve just discovered tonight.

    I want to tell you, from the start, that I have never had a dependency on alcohol. I’ve been addicted to food and to the Internet, but that does not qualify me to comment really. My son though…he is 20, and currently not drinking. He started at the age of 12/13. I didn’t know then. He told me when he was about 17. By then he was also using drugs. I’m not going to labour on this – sorry that I’ve run off at the fingers already – but he recently broke down, for the umpteenth time about the drugs. Not a new thing, I’ve known for years. It is a one-day-at-a-time situation, but I’m extremely PROUD of him for many reasons.

    Sorry to offload like this. I promise not to do this again, but I wanted you to know a little of why I already feel excited to watch and read about your journey. Peace to you. X

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    • tiredoftreadingwater April 25, 2017 / 9:40 am

      Hi Allane, welcome and thanks for your comment, I appreciate your kind words. It takes me back a bit reading my first post again – I’ve been at this quitting thing for a while now!

      I’m sorry your son is affected by addiction. It is a blessing he is recognising it and tackling it at such a young age. I can look back to some of my own problematic behaviours beginning at a similar age and I’m only finally dealing with them in my 40s. You are obviously a very supportive mother, your son is lucky that you have his back. I wish him the very best in moving through this challenge to find his full potential in life.

      I’m now following your blog too. I’ve only had chance for a quick look so far, I’m just off a night shift with another to go. I look forward to catching up with some more later in the week.

      Best wishes to you 🙂 x

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      • Allane Sinclair April 25, 2017 / 10:29 am

        My blog is all over the place. I’m an artist, not a poet or really a writer of any note, but I find it cathartic at times. I often feel that the stories I have… they’re not really mine, so I don’t feel that I can spill anybody else’s guts here. I should’ve remained anonymous haha. Hindsight. Wonderful thing. By the way, I really like your blog name. It’s clever. I find so many aren’t.


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