One week and a weird dream

I’m just going into day 7. I’m surprised that a week has already gone by. I also just had a very odd dream.

I was on my annual camping trip that I go on with some friends but things were pretty strange, as they often are in dreams. For a start my bed frame, mattress and chest of drawers had somehow been set up in my small tent. As it’s usually a pretty boozy few days and I was insisting I wouldn’t be drinking my partner was saying ‘We’ll see shall we?’ which pissed me off.

Then I was half in the tent (which must have been the size of a marquee by now), and half at a bar – a gaudy neon sort of bar you’d find in a nightclub. Somebody put down a shot glass of some green drink and I downed it straight away without even thinking.

My immediate reaction was ‘Oh fuck I’m not drinking, why the hell did I do that??!’ It was particularly disappointing because I don’t even like those sort of hulk-green chemical-flavoured shots anyway 😦

A few other themes appeared in the dream that seemed particularly relevant at the moment. I was struggling with the changes in and potential loss of some friendships. I became aware I was blaming my partner for things I should have taken responsibility for checking myself. There was even an appearance by a particularly picky shit-stirring work colleague that I have to work hard to handle constructively. She was telling me I hadn’t fitted the tent groundsheet straight.

I was very happy when I woke up and realised it was all a dream and that I really am on day 7. Yay!!


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