Another Tuesday morning

It’s day 10 and I’m through another Tuesday morning which is my usual post-work danger zone. I had a nice big hot chocolate and played a game on the Xbox.

I’ve been reading a lot too. I’m about half way through High sobriety: my year without booze, by Jill Stark which I’m really enjoying. She’s in a similar age group to me and there’s a lot I can strongly relate to in her book. It’s got me thinking about so much, particularly the alcoholic / not a real alcoholic labelling. I’m too tired to put it into words now though, I’ve been awake 19 hours and it’s bedtime.

I’m amazed by how much my time seems to have expanded now I’m not drinking. I’m getting so much done in the house and on some creative projects. I’m cooking lots. I took a load of stuff to charity shops and the tip. I even managed to do some car maintenance which is really a breakthrough for me.


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