Day 11 – creative breakthroughs and a huge headache

I feel like I have a hangover of sorts. I think it’s a sugar hangover.

I ate a lot of chocolate, mince pies and sweets over the Christmas and new year period which is quite unusual for me. I generally tend to avoid sugar but if it’s in the house in a plentiful supply my willpower tends to slip.

If a box of chocolates is open then I’ll keep at them and before I know it it’ll be finished. This sounds familiar. I very very rarely leave any in a bottle of wine once I open it. As I’ve not been drinking I think I substituted sweet stuff a bit too much and I’ve managed to put on about half a stone 😦 I’m seriously unimpressed!

The last of the festive sweeties was eaten yesterday morning and since then I’ve gone cold turkey on the sugar. I’ve had headache for the last 12 hours so I’m guessing there’s a connection. Hopefully it won’t last much longer and I took some paracetamol which should help.

So, that’s alcohol out and sugar (mostly) out. At least I still have my coffee… for now 🙂

One a positive note, I’ve had a huge breakthrough in my artwork already. For about two years I’ve been trying to finalise an illustration style with a view to being a freelancer. I’ve been round the houses with different media and techniques and I was almost there. The last few days I’ve had a huge burst of clarity and I think I’ve finally cracked it.

Having the clear-headed time and space to spend doing artwork is amazing. I’m appreciating the beneficial change in mind-state that comes from being fully absorbed in doing something. My sense of time disappears, my vision intensifies and my perceptions become looser and more open. Some people refer to it as flow, or being in the zone. Whatever you call it, it’s a hell of a lot more healthy and productive than changing my mind-state with booze and it helps me to keep my motivation to not drink.


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