Where did the last month go?!

I’m finally back online and I’ve realised it’s a month since I last posted – where did that time go?

I spent a week working and getting ready for my holiday in Italy and didn’t have time to post. I then spent a week away and loved being completely offline. The week after I got back was pretty hectic too and then I got ready to settle down and blog again. Unfortunately my laptop had other ideas and had basically ground to a painful halt. I’ve since done a backup and completely reinstalled it from scratch for a fresh start.

I had to make a fresh start on my not drinking too. I caved in and drank on holiday and for 3 days after I returned. It was nothing too horrendous but I could feel it creeping upwards within the space of just 10 days and I didn’t want to jump back on that treadmill. I actually realised I preferred how I’d felt after 60 days alcohol-free so I felt good about going back to that. I feel no sense of shame or drama about it and am trying to take away all the lessons it has taught me. It’s day 12 today.

I ate my own weight in pasta, pizza and pastries while I was away and put on about 5lbs. Fortunately I already lost 4 of them and I’m eating pretty healthily again. I don’t do well eating wheat and a week of wall-to-wall wheat consumption wasn’t pretty in some ways – I was bloated, constipated and I had gut pains and dreadful wind (sorry for too much info!). I’m feeling particularly motivated to do interesting gluten-free cooking experiments.

I got fed up of trying to taper off coffee as I always ended up drinking more than usual. I’ve felt exhausted, nauseous, headachy and just generally poorly for a couple of weeks now and I know coffee is so bad for my particular health issues so I just stopped on Tuesday morning. For 2 days I’ve had a headache and the complete inability to stay awake more than a few hours. I think I’ve slept more than I’ve been awake which is probably good, I’m sure my body appreciated the time to rest and heal. I still have a slight cranky head feeling but I’m trying to stay mindful and my energy is returning. Hopefully I’m through the worst of the coffee withdrawals.

I think that’s probably a fair summary of my last month. I haven’t been online much so I’ve got some catching up to do with other blogs. I hope you’ve all had as happy and healthy a month as possible.


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