Day 31, a whole month!

After my previous wobbles things have settled down again and I haven’t really had any cravings for the last week. I went out for a meal on Wednesday and there was a split second thought of ‘Oh a glass of wine would be nice’, but I immediately dismissed it. Nobody else was drinking as everybody was either driving and/or working the following morning. In the past I would have had at least a couple of large glasses at the meal and opened a bottle when I got home. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening as it was, without booze. Things can change 🙂

I’ve had confirmation from my GP that my thyroid is failing again 😦 It’s a bummer as I’d previously stabilised it without medication using supplements, nutrition and generally living healthily. It’s good in a way though because it explains why I’m exhausted, sometimes depressed, physically weak and shaky, have gained weight and so on… why I generally just feel half dead most of the time. At least if I take the pills this time I’ll have more strength to carry on my booze-free mission and have the energy to stick more carefully to a diet aimed at reducing autoimmune disease. We can’t do battle on all fronts at once and I’m sick of feeling like a snail on valium.

My GP has decided to give me a full health MOT so I’m off for a whole battery of blood tests this morning. This includes a liver function test so I’m soooo glad I’ve been off the wine for a whole month or the results could have been a bit scary. I’m still a bit iffy, what if I did do some damage when I was drinking too much? How long does it take for liver function to improve? etc, etc… I suppose it would be better to know than not know but I am feeling a bit anxious about it all. Thinking about it now though, I haven’t had any suspicious pains from my liver area for a few weeks now so that’s got to be a good sign.

I’m off to the hospital now, the sooner I get it over with, the sooner I can have some breakfast. It’s a fasting blood test and I’m flippin’ starving! Wishing everybody a sober and energetic day x


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