Day 8

It’s hard to believe I’ve gone past the week point although for two of those days I was asleep for most of the time. I usually have a day of extra sleepiness after I’ve done my night shifts for the week but this took it to another level. I went to bed for 6 hours, got up for about 4 hours, slept another 6 hours and then alternated between reading and snoozing on the sofa for a long rolling cycle after that. I enjoyed it but I’ve snapped out of it now because I got a headache and felt like I needed to move more – I don’t think it’s very healthy to be motionless for so long.

I bought a yoga wedge today which has turned out to be a massive breakthrough. Both my wrists are bad from carpal tunnel syndrome as a side effect of hypothyroidism that has also been exacerbated by my job which really hammers my wrists physically. Because of this I’ve been out of action yoga-wise which sucks. I can’t bear any weight on my hands because it feels like somebody is sticking a knife in my wrist joints when I try. I read an article somewhere that suggested a foam wedge to take the pressure off the wrist joints. I was dubious but I thought I’d give it a try and it really works. Wow!

I’m going to do some cleaning in the house which I’ve neglected this past week and then I’m looking forward to doing some yoga and having a long read in a hot bath.

It feels good to get a few days behind me again – I’m feeling peaceful, hopeful and positive 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. ainsobriety November 6, 2015 / 3:16 am

    There are lots of yoga props we don’t consider.
    That’s great you found one.
    Most poses can be done from the forearms too. I get arthritis flare ups in my wrist occasionally and that’s howi modify.

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    • tiredoftreadingwater November 6, 2015 / 10:11 am

      Yes, I’ve never used a prop before at all so I am amazed at the difference it makes. Thanks for the tip, I’ll try some forearm adjustments too so I don’t overdo it on my poor wrists. I bet that really works your upper arms and shoulders too ☺


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