Where do I start?

How do I even begin to write about such a huge life-changing idea and the reasons behind it?

It’s day 2 and my head is as tangled as a bowl of noodle soup.

I was going to wait until after new years eve to start dry January but then I started thinking about what message that was sending to my subconscious. I drank too much between Christmas eve and boxing day, ending up with the worst hangover I’ve had in ages.

Do I want another one of those clammy, nauseous sessions or am I going to start the year as I mean to continue? Why am I clinging on to the idea that a new years eve needs alcohol to be fun or meaningful? Why am I reinforcing the idea of losing something when it would be more helpful to focus on the potential gains?

These questions were in my head when I was trying to sleep on the 27th December and as it turned out, day 1 was actually almost over by the time I realised it was day 1.